Charles Spurgeon said, "To be a soul winner is the happiest thing in this world."

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why We Evangelize

Thursday, May 6, 2010

CCN Summer School

CCN Summer

College is out for Fall and Spring Classes, but CCN is having a Summer of Biblical Evangelism! Come and join us as we will be doing an all-day event One Saturday a month this summer. 
Spring has come and brought with it the freedom to perform outreaches outdoors with greater freedom! Join us as we witness one-to-one in and around the Fort Smith – Van Buren Area
What we will be doing is having a full day of fellowship, maybe bring some finger food or pizza a few times with drinks, we will have a time of prayer and worship, have some training and then we can go out as a group and witness at a spot or at an event that is going on in town as a group. 
Dates, Times, and Location Coming Soon – So Stay Tuned for Updates or you can also sign up for our Posts RSS feeds that will send you updates right to your email.